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Neito map of Finland carved out of wood suomen kartta


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Time for a road trip with this elegant map of Finland.


The country's main lakes and rivers are carved out of wood.

This map of Finland works great for displaying or even for sticking pins to mark your trips!


As people who love travelling around Finland and have been trying to do that as much as we can, and also really like maps as decorative additions to interior design, having a map in the house is a must-have.


The first prototype of this map of Finland was created with the idea of a pinboard \ push pin map in mind. After improvements and refinements, we are more than happy to present to you the final product!


This wooden map was designed so that it would be a beautiful wall decoration, and is also a nice way to present travels and as a nice reminder to where one has been in their trips.

It’s a stylish way to incorporate a love for maps and geography into your home décor.


We chose to carve out the bodies of water and borders, leaving Finland and parts of its neighbors to pop out of the bare natural wood rather than gluing one layer on top of the other. 


You can adjust your map to your current home décor by choosing to have it with or without a black frame.


The map is hung on a sturdy wire, so you only need one nail\screw on your wall.

Each wooden map will be unique in its own way, as the wood pattern will vary from item to item.

  • Measurements

    Without frame:

    60 cm height, 38 cm Width

    With frame:

    65.5 cm height, 41.5 cm Width

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