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VAT Included

Sometimes less is more. Minimalist is a five hooks coat rack that's designed with clean, simple lines and bright neutral colors.  This design lets the wood's natural colors and patterns shine. 


It's handmade out of Birch plywood to make it extra strong and smooth looking, with the hooks and frame from Pine. Each hook is assembled in a slight angle to make sure anything you'd hand on it will not slide off. 


This coat rack is a perfect way to bring more order into your home without extra frills and colors. It is great for those who like to keep their interior design simple and clean. 


Despite its namesake, Minimalist coat rack is not minimal when it comes to the hooks variations- you can choose between three hooks layout versions. It's important for us to give you many options, and to have the possibility to customize your home decor to be just how you want it, one coat rack at a time. 


This minimalistic style coat rack is very sturdy and could carry the weight of even the heaviest winter coats. 
Each coat rack will be unique in its own way, as the wood pattern will vary from item to item. This way you would know that the coat rack you get is unlike any other. 

  • Measurements

    38x12x8 cm (WxHxD)

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