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Chopin music notes coat rack musiikki naulakko


VAT Included

This beautiful coat rack is designed to look like a music sheet.

In fact, the notes are actually a part of Chopin's Nocturne in C sharp minor posth.


Each note (and the G cleft) is a hook and each has a groove on them to make sure coats and clothes will not slip and slide around.


This music notes coatrack comes in two color options- one in which the notes are carved into the wood and accentuate the wood’s natural color-for a more neutral and natural look, and the second in which the notes are black and are three dimensional on top of the lines for a more dramatic effect.

In the natural design, the notes are behind the lines and are carved into the plywood so they are still three dimensional without being too bold. An added bonus is the extra design element that is received from the plywood’s texture. In the black and white design, we have the lines that are laid on top of the wood, and the notes themselves come out of the lines to look like they lay above them. In this design, we used an inlaid technique to achieve this certain look.


The music sheet coatrack is great for hanging coats (even heavy winter coats), clothes and bags and is very sturdy and durable but also looks great and decorative with nothing hung on it.


We love creating music related products, so making a handmade coat rack that would look like a music sheet notes came to us almost naturally. What was more challenging was finding the right notes. A random assortment of music notes is not exciting enough, but using notes that were part of an actual musical composition is both exciting and meaningful. We took out the music sheets of our favorite classical music compositions and found the perfect notes combination for us in Chopin’s Nocturne. The notes are interesting and still organized well enough to allow us to turn them into practical hooks for the rack.


Each hanger will be unique in its own way, as the wood pattern will vary from item to item.

It is mounted on the wall with two screws that are attached at the back of the coat rack, so that the screws are not visible for a sleek and clean look.

  • Measurements

    15x60x5 cm (WxHxD)

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