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Practically Who?

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About us

PracticallyWood started out as a passion project of woodworking enthusiast Alex Bykov, way back in 2018 when he bought his first CNC machine.
Ever since then, he has been making anything and everything that could be made out of wood.
Together with his wife Shira, he had started to design and make products with the idea in mind that each product should have a purpose and use, while also being a design piece that could decorate a room.

This hobby that had started out with making wooden gifts for friends and family had turned into a business, with happy customers from all over the world.
The inspiration for their design comes from their hobbies and interests, as well as the world around them.

PractiallyWood is all about marrying the practical with the beautiful, and help transform rooms to reflect their inhabitants' personality and taste, be it living room or office space.


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Alex Bykov woodworker and the owner of PracticallyWood

Originally an electrician, Alex is a self-taught woodworker. Since he was a kid he enjoyed making hand made projects and he always finds new ways to improve his skills and learn how to be better at his craft. 

When he's not covered with sawdust, he loves riding his bike in nature and listening to podcasts. 



Shira Arieli PracticallyWood

With a background in operations management and a passion for planning events and vacations, Shira is on the administrative side of the business. She also takes active part in product design and QA.

When she's not scouring the web for suppliers and managing tasks, you'll probably find her in the kitchen working on a baking project. 


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