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Piano Book wooden bookend puinen piano kirjatuki

Piano Book

VAT Included

Elegantly support your loved books with this piano bookend.


In this product, you see the combination of love for pianos and reading into an adorable package.
Books falling over in their shelves is a familiar and annoying issue, and since we’re in the business of woodworking we just woodworked a solution to our problem.

Each bookend is a platform for half of a wooden miniature grand piano.
Whether this wooden bookend will help you keep your books from falling over in the shelf or help you keep your piano books and music sheets in place, it is an aesthetically pleasing solution to a problem.


The three dimensional tiny piano is handmade, and was a joy to create. We really love pianos and how they look. The contrast of the black and white and their shape is something that we keep returning to, so we really enjoyed incorporating the shape of a grand piano, which is extra elegant, into this product.
Of course, due to the way a grand piano is shaped each of the halves on the bookend is different, making the piano bookends a bit more interesting than just a mirror image of the same thing.


The bookend itself is very lightweight and rely on the book's own mass to weigh it down and keep everything organized and in place.

  • Measurements

    7.7x15.5x16 cm (WxHxD).
    (including the part that goes under the books, the width is 13 cm)

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