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Pianist piano key coat rack gift naulakko


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Hang coats with style with this piano coat rack.


Simply pull forward the black keys to hang an item.

When not in use, you can push back the black keys to have a decorative wall mount.


The coat rack was designed to be as close as possible in proportions to a real piano.

It is sturdy and can carry the weight of even the heaviest winter coats.

Each coatrack will be unique in its own way, as the wood pattern will vary from item to item.

It is mounted on the wall with two/three screws (depending on rack size) which are hidden behind the black keys.


When we first decided to create this piano coat rack, the keys of a piano were measured in order to make sure the size and scale were just right. We also considered the wood color options that would be seen on real pianos. The goal was to make something that would resemble a real piano as much as possible, while doing it all from scratch.


If you like this design but looking for something smaller, for example, to hang  your keys or necklaces- check out our key holder: Piano Keys.

  • Sizes

    The height of the coat rack is 19.5 cm.

                   Depth is 2.3 cm.


    There are three size options:
    10 hooks (black keys):  42.5 cm length.
    15 hooks (black keys):  59 cm length.
    20 hooks (black keys):  76 cm length.

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