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Aphaia greek tample wooden coat rack naulakko


VAT Included

Bring the warmth and the sun of Greece to your home with this Greek temple coat rack with a shelf.


This coat rack is designed and inspired by the beautiful architecture of the Temple of Aphaia in Aegina, Greece.

Ancient Greek architecture was emulated and copied throughout the world, from the Roman Empire to the neoclassical style in Europe. We figured it’s never too late to join the trend.


While this Greek temple coatrack is not an exact replica of the temple of the goddess Aphaia, the carving in the pediment is a replica of the statues that were situated on the western pediment of the temple.


We have been lucky enough to visit and see up close and personal both the archeological site in Aegina and the museum in Munich where the remains of the statues of the western pediment are kept. For that reason it was important to us to try to do the temple justice in recreating its beauty in this wooden coat rack with a key shelf.


The rack is great for hanging coats (even heavy winter coats), clothes and bags. It is reliable and sturdy. The pediment of the temple functions as a shelf and could be a great space to place keys, jewelry, etc. Each rack comes with six hooks that are angled in a way to prevent coats and clothes to slip and slide off.


Each coatrack will be unique in its own way, as the wood pattern will vary from item to item.

It is mounted on the wall with two screws that are attached at the back of the coat rack, so that the screws are not visible for a sleek and clean look.

  • Measurements

    57x21x7 cm (WxHxD).

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