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Made in Finland


Where Practical meets Beautiful

Who Are We?

PracticallyWood is a design shop based in Nokia, Finland. We are a small business that is passionate about woodworking and creating fun and exciting designs for our products.


Our goal is to help customers reflect their personality through everyday items, from bookends to wooden maps and coat racks.



What We Do

Our products are made out of wood, by hand. They are a perfect mix of decorative and useful.

We believe that everyday home decor items should be designed and personalized to fit your style, they should be more than just practical. We take our design inspiration from music, travel-related items and nature. Our products are great gift ideas, and have been gifted to loved ones all over the world. 



How we do it?

All our products are handmade individually in our workshop. We combine the use of different woodworking techniques with the work of a CNC machine, to enable us to carve and create shapes with a perfect fit and accuracy. All our deliveries are packaged as eco-friendly as possible, with the minimal amount of plastic used in the process .



A Special Gift

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Gift Wrapped_edited.jpg

Looking for a gift but don't know which one to pick?

PracticallyWood also offers you a giftcard option. 

Because why choose when you can make someone else do it? :) 


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